Clipper Shave-$12

Getting rid of a full beard or just a few days of laziness? We can remove the face sweater or weekend stubble with no fear of the straight razor. Clipper cuts remove the beard and will take it down to the skin with a micro-shaver or edgers depending on how close you want it and how your barber feels would be best.

Buzz Cut- One Size All Over-$20

If you’re a blow and go kind of guy and just want a one size this is the one size is all and fits all kind of cut you want. One guard (or no guard) all over leaves an even length. This service includes a razor edge up around the ears, sides and back of the neck. Back of the head can be blocked, rounded or tapered. We take our time to ensure all hairs are even and leave no stragglers. Of course, the cut is finished with a hot towel and classic aftershave for that fresh feeling and clean scent.

Standard Regular Cut-$25

A regular men’s haircut is a traditional balanced haircut; time tested, everyone approved. All our cuts are crafted by a master barber to fit your needs and compliment your head and face shape. It begins with consultation and ends with styling, straight razor edge up, hot towel wipe down and splash of traditional barber shop aftershave to have you feeling fresh and smelling like a new haircut.

Traditional Straight Razor Shave- $30

Shave like a man, or spa day for guys, sit back and relax under a steam towel to soften those whiskers before cleaning your face with a blade like grandpa used to. Our combination of a facial massage with pre-shave oils, quality shave creams, gels and after shaves will leave you feeling alive. This combined with Master Barber Derek’s 30 plus years of experience will put you at ease and leave your face baby bottom smooth.

Hot Towel Treatment-$10

Want that relaxation time and feeling of invigoration without the shave? Lean back in the chair for a facial massage and hot towel treatment. The combination of creams, exfoliant, and moisturizers under a hot towel will get the blood in your face flowing and leave you feeling refreshed.

Transformation Cut-$30

If you have gone more than two months between cuts and are making an extreme style change, this type of cut takes longer to find where your hair lives again. For example, if you have 2 1/2″ of hair on the sides of your head and want it taken down to bald, this type of cut is an extreme style change or transformation cut. It will likely take your barber an additional 15 minutes to get your hair where you want it, but it will look amazing when we get through with it.


Invigorating shampoo and scalp massage using the finest Reuzel shampoo, conditioner and tonics. Please let us know when booking or upon arrival if you require this service as our shop is limited to one shampoo bowl and will require extra time.

Required Shampoo-$5

Sometimes our clients show up with a little too much product in their hair for us to properly cut it to the style you want. If this is the case, we may require it to be washed before cutting it.

Specialty Cut/Bald Fade-$27+

Specialty cuts include haircuts hard parts (cutting a line in where the part goes), edging up the front hairline with a razor on straight hair, designs, and temple tapers. Bald fades are taken down to the skin with a clipper set with no guard, razor fades or with an edger or micro-shaver. Of course, the same expert care and finishing cleanup as with all our cuts.

Early Bird Special-$18

Elder gentleman’s cut is good for our patrons over 65. Early bird discounted cut is only available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before 2 p.m.

Early Bird Special-$18

Elder gentleman’s cut is good for our patrons over 65. Early bird discounted cut is only available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before 2 p.m.

Classic Kid’s Cut-$20

Basic kid’s haircut consists of short sides #2 guard (1/4″) or longer on the sides and longer on the top with the top cut with shears or clipper trimmed. Nothing special, just a good looking old fashioned haircut for your handsome young man. We wrap up the cut with a towel cleanup and style him picture day ready.